Every Chamber of Commerce needs "Ambassadors" to succeed, and since the Route 66 Chamber represents businesses along the entire length of the famous Mother Road, we 
need Ambassadors in every Route 66 state.  We will also need "Ambassadors" who 
can help us promote Route 66 heritage tourism from every other state in the country.

That's a tall order, but there are several plans to carry-out the Chamber's mission. Recruiting Chamber Ambassadors who live along Route 66 should be fairly easy. 
Chamber Ambassadors may already be members of their local Chamber of Commerce or other civic organization, and could represent the Route 66 Chamber in their community.

To help promote commerce on Route 66 from other states, one of our plans is to recruit RV "Workampers".  These are typically couples that travel America fulltime in their RV's and stay at RV Resorts, State and National Parks, etc. for a season, exchanging their labor for their RV site and utilities.  We will ask these folks to show Route 66 promotional videos, give talks, hand-out brochures & Route 66 publications, Chamber materials and request contributions as they travel.  In exchange, the Chamber will reward their efforts with discounts at many Route 66 Chamber businesses who also appreciate their efforts to attract new travelers to Route 66.

Imagine having a hundred Route 66 Chamber Ambassadors in states like Alaska, Florida, Maine, Oregon, Nebraska etc. introducing thousands of Americans to the famous Mother Road every month!

And how will Route business owners recognize these "referred" customers? Simple...the travelers will be asked to present their Chamber membership cards (or Chamber business cards that were given-out at those presentations) to Route 66 merchants.  And perhaps in return, those businesses may join and help support the Chamber's efforts.

If you would like to receive more information on becoming a Route 66 Chamber Ambassador, please send us an e-mail for details.  Thanks.
Ron Hart speaks to groups of RV owners around the country about promoting Route 66 and becoming Ambassadors.
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