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October  11, 2006: National Park Service Route 66 Program Reps and MO. Route 66 Association President tour Joplin, MO.
September 17, 2006:  Lewis Motel to be torn down in Vinita, Oklahoma.
August 16, 2006: Joplin Route 66 business closes: Dale's Old 66 Barbershop for sale.
August 13th., 2006: Production Van returned today from Lebanon, Lake of the Ozarks and a research mission to the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City.
August 19, 2006: Rendezvous 66 Benefit Car Show in Carthage, MO..
August 24, 2006: Percy Katz, Joplin Museum Mascot Swiped, returned.
Oct. 21st. 2006:  Landmark Route 66 Bridge in Carthage, MO. to be rebuilt.
Nov. 10, 2006:  One Bike - One Goal, The Bike Lady Story
Nov. 11, 2006: Galena Celebrates Route 66's 80th. Birthday at Open House
Nov. 21, 2006: Northpark Mall in Joplin, MO. remodels their Food Court with a Route 66 Theme.
Nov. 16,2006:  Columbia Traders Opens on Route 66 in Downtown Joplin.
Nov. 25, 2006: Model Train Show at Joplin Museum on 66.
Nov.25, 2006:  Run Across Kansas, a Route 66 Half Marathon.
Dec. 2006:  Christmas Parades & Galena Fire During Parade
Dec. 5th., 2006: Carthage Route 66 Business hit by Hummer.
Dec. 15, 2006: Trolley to make re-appearance on Route 66 in Joplin, MO. this summer.
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