Route 66 Chamber's Accomplishments:
      Over the last 19+ years, the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce has been able to accomplish many tasks and projects that support the promotion and preservation of the famous Mother Road. There is still much more to do to help as many businesses along the Route as possible, so please promote us - help those who make Route 66 the most famous highway in the world. Thanks.

-The Chamber has the largest Route 66 Website in the world with 100+ pages and 2.3 Million Hits, and we have attended the 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and the 2018 International Route 66 Festivals plus many local Route 66 Events.

-The Chamber hosted the Amarillo 2011 Festival's popular website.

-The Chamber assisted the Schlotsky's Restaurant Chain design a Route 66 promotion that aired throughout America.

-The Chamber took a business survey and research trip from Joplin to Chicago and back in 2010.

-The Chamber was instrumental in finding the new owners of the Boots Court-Motel in Carthage, MO. and has spent over ten years doing restoration work on the buildings.

-The Chamber built and donated the historic Boots Court's website and Facebook page, and has helped other Mom and Pop businesses afford to go online.

-The Chamber was instrumental in securing the 2013 Joplin International Festival.

-The Chamber researched the Carthage , MO. alternate Routes and posted our own signs to assist travelers.

-The Chamber assisted with the effort to place the first promotional Route 66 billboard in Nashville.

-The Chamber Director continues to promote Route 66 by giving talks to civic organizations and schools.

-The Chamber produced two 25-minute Cable TV programs promoting Route 66.

-The Chamber produced short documentaries on 66 Roadie's Bob Waldmire and Harley & Annabelle.

-The Chamber was the first to begin the successful search for the old tow truck that inspired Pixar's "Tow Mater" character in 2006 in Galena Kansas.

-The Chamber raised a $4,100. 'Go Fund Me' account for repairing the Boots Court neon after a hail storm, and raised over $4,000 in donations that were sent from Route 66'rs after the Joplin Tornado.

-The Chamber provides free promotion for Route 66 Events and Activities on our website & Facebook.

-The Chamber has completed a national TV Public Service TV commercial to air in the U.S. and overseas.

-The Chamber is working today with organizations in China and Japan to promote Route Tourism.

-The Chamber is working on resolving a MoDOT issue that prevents Route 66 businesses from having signs on 66.

-The Chamber promoted and found a buyer for Dale's Old 66 1928 filling station in Joplin, MO..

-The Chamber saved the 1946 Westport Lodge-Motel which is now restored and operating in Joplin under the name, the 'enlight-Inn' on North Main Street.

-The Chamber established a website and Facebook Page for it's project, "Route 66 Cares", which raised over $750. for tornado relief in Baxter Springs Kansas and Quapaw. OK.

Route 66 Chamber of Commerce is active, and help make our future promotions and 
preservation efforts successful. See our popular website at .