The 2014 travel guide 
" Keeping you on the Mother Road " 
is published by Dave Emerson, founder of Mother Road LLC is now available on Amazon. This unique 432+ page book of Route 66 is designed not only to keep you on the Route, but when you arrive in a town, you can find what you're looking for in the Directory!  

The Keeping you on the Mother Road 2014 issue is
 still available on Amazon.  
NOTE:  The 2014 Edition was released this Spring.
The 2015 Edition is coming out this Fall.
Dave Emerson at 913-387-6539.

Here is the website link:

or E-Mail: motherroadllc@yahoo.com

The EZ66 GUIDE is published by the 
National Historic Route 66 Federation.
It features detailed maps of the actual alignments of Route 66, online updates and helpful travel tips.
Route 66 Guide Books
It's easy to get lost on Route 66 (and it's alternates) if you don't have 
a good Guide Book!  The Route 66 Chamber of Commerce recommends  these guide books.
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·  Visit Route 66 and relive the romance of automobile travel.
·  Descriptions, photos, websites, phone numbers and addresses of hundreds of locations along the historic Route 66.
·  Over 850 roadside attractions at your fingertips.
·   Entertain friends and family using your GPS device and Route 66 Attractions with a trip along the iconic and historic highway.
·  River Pilot consulted with Federal and State Route 66 Resources, Route 66 Associations, Academia, Professional Researchers, Historians, Route 66 experts, while spending months on the road personally researching and exploring every one of these waypoints to bring you the most up to date product yet. 

·  All content updated and gathered in late 2010. This information is current as of publishing date.

Armed with these books, your adventure on The Mother Road will  be much easier and exciting.  Don't leave home without them.
Route 66 is now on GPS! Now with turn-by-turn directions!

River Pilot Announces the World's First Commercial Use Route 66 GPS product.
Turns your Garmin GPS into your personal tour guide to the famous Route 66!

It's now easy to visit the quirky, unique and fun roadside attractions of Route 66's romantic era.

Instantly transform your Garmin GPS* into a travel adventure machine that will guide you along the iconic Route 66 and let you enjoy the romance and intrigue of automobile travel.

Product Details 
The Excitement of Automobile travel comes alive
Route 66 Attractions by River Pilot instantly transforms any Garmin Nuvitm, Zumotm or StreetPilottm  into an informative and entertaining GPS travel guide to the quirky, fun, weird, and artsy roadside attractions along the famous U.S. Route 66, a 2,400 mile highway that once traversed the United States from Chicago, IL. to Santa Monica, California.