Route 66 spots - Photo weblog of Route 66 landmarks. 
Route 66 - Vintage postcards, screensavers and history. Route 66 - Includes a brief history and travel tips. 
Route 66 Lost and Found - Covers the book by the author, sells copies of pictures. 
Route 66 Today - High bandwidth video clips of artists, authors, roadside owners. 
Spring Break 66 - Promoting having spring break on Route 66. 
Parsa's Virtual Route 66 Roadtrip - Links, pictures and information on Route 66. 
Route 66 road trip - Pictures and slide show of road trips and CD promotion. 
World Monuments Fund: Route 66 - About the interest in Route 66 and the pilot project of  the World Monuments Fund. 
Route 66 Postcards - Collection of postcards from the Mother Road. 
66 productions - About the film productions, tours and books by Scott Piotrowski. 
Route 66 Photo Lounge - A photographic drive down Route 66. 
Cruise 66 - About a cruise in June 2006 by a collection of classic American cars owned by Norwegians. Contains information on the planning and pictures of the cars. 
American road trip - Article about how America's historic Route 66 fascinates visitors from other countries. 
Drive-in theaters along Route 66 - Database of drive-in theaters along the old road. Both closed and theaters in operation are listed. 
Route 66 to Flagstaff - Travelogue of a trip on part on Route 66. 
Flagstaff Route 66 Days - Information about the annual event in Flagstaff, AZ. 
Route 66 Research Page - Links and maps for further research. Also includes a link to a bibliography by the author. 
Doc's Route 66 Page - Information on traveling Route 66, especially by motorcycle. Also connections with Corvettes. 
Goatfolks Route 66 Pages - Photos from a trip on Route 66, including sign photos. 
Old Route 66 Artworks - Models of buildings inspired by Route 66. 
Route 66 Honeymoon - Route 66 pictures from the honeymoon trip of Jerry and 'BJ' Holk. Photographical coverage of all 8 states. 
Get Your Kicks On Route 66 - Highlighted attractions in the different states. 
 •Hampton Landmarks - Find a collection of recognized landmarks along the old road, find pictures and short descriptions of the landmarks. 
Route 66 : America's Most Famous Highway - Describes history and culture associated with US 66, includes information about the annual Mother Road Rally for motorcyclists. 
Route 66 Photo Album - Photographs of a trip down the old road by a Japanese couple. 
Martin's Route 66 Gallery and Essay - Private page illustrating roadside features. 
Legendary Route 66 - Features history, legends, and photographs. 
Mark Potter's kick on Route 66 - Historic pictures and description. "Virtual Campfire" - Author of books about the American West, including "Route 66: The Mother Road". 
Old Route 66 Association of Texas - Listing of towns along the historic road in Texas. 
Route 66 State Park - About the Route 66 State Park in Eureka, Missouri. 
Route 66 in Southern California and the San Gabriel Valley - Also covers the rest of the United States. Includes photos and a midi file library. 
The Mother Road 100 - Information about a 100 mile foot race that was held on the 80th anniversary of Route 66. 
Alan Copson's Route 66 - Pictures from a stock photographer. 
Munger Moss Motel - Historic motel in Lebanon on 2 lane highway. 
The Museum Club - About the Museum Club, a historic music and dance club on Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona 
National Historic Route 66 Federation - Advocacy group dedicated to preservation of remaining route of US 66. 
National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program: Program Description - Preservation program information including a high level map, historical significance documentation, information on the cost-sharing grants program. 
Oklahoma Route 66 Association, Inc. - Dedicated to preserving the memory of US 66, a highway that looms large in Oklahoma's cultural history. 
Pacoma Films - Route 66 Video Collection - Various items for sale. 
Route 66 Photo Gallery by Gerald Eisen - Photos of route 66 roadside attractions for sale. 
Playing Hooky On Route 66 - Travelogue with pictures. 
Polk-a-Dot Drive In - Menu, location, events, pictures and history of this roady classic in Braidwood, IL. 
Pops - About the new business in Arcadia, OK. Pictures and details about events. 
Route 66 PostmarkArt - Art that traveled the length of Route 66. 
Red Cedar Inn - Restaurant in Pacific, Missouri, along the old route. Contains history, full eatery menu, news, online tour, online gift shop and games. 
Guided Route 66 Tour - Promoting guided motorcycle tours by a Hungarian company. 
Road Trip America: links - Route 66 websites reviewed by Road Trip America. 
Road Trip Memories - Personal site by a Route 66 fan. Time frames and regular travel pictures along route 66 and other 2 lane highways. 
US 66 Roadtrip - Book and road guide to sights and history of towns along highway route. 
The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge - Essay about the Chain of Rocks Bridge and its history. 
Canadian Route 66 Home Page - Links, membership, merchandise and photographs. 
Clinton Route 66 Museum - Located in Clinton, Oklahoma Exhibit and contact information. 
Route 66 - Nob Hill-Highland District - Portion of Albuquerque which includes a section of historic route. History and business information. 
Angel Delgadillo's route 66 gift shop - About Angel Delgadillo's Route 66 gift shop in Seligman, Arizona. Contains history, pictures and a shop. 
Route 66 Guidebooks and Maps - An overview and classification of the available guidebooks and maps. 
Route 66 Magazine - About Route 66 magazine, also features a book and video store and an index of all magazines. 
Route 66 Maps - Additional files for the Route 66 Guidebook and Atlas and a downloadable index to Route 66 Magazine articles. 
Route 66 Motels - Guide to great mom-and-pop lodgings on Historic Route 66. 
Barstow Route 66 Mother Road Museum - Location, displays, events at the museum located in Barstow, California. 
Old Log Cabin - History, pictures and menus from the landmark in Pontiac, IL. 
Route 66 People - Social network for sharing photos, videos and stories of the Mother Road for people with common cause: Route 66. 
Route 66 Photographs - Route 66 stock photos by Jim Ross and Shellee Graham available for purchase. Available as licensed work or as prints. 
Route 66 Place - Gifts and souvenirs. 
The Route 66 Pulse - Online Newspaper - Online version of a free newspaper distributed along the mother road. 
Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven - Motel on Route 66 in Springfield, MO. 
Route 66 RV Park Sapulpa Oklahoma - Route 66 RV Park is a RV Park located on historic ROute 66 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. 
Route 66 Sodas LLC - About Route 66 Sodas, makers of the Route 66 root beer. 
Route 66: It's a French Word - 2000 miles in 2000. A motorcycle trip from Chicago to Los Angeles. Information and advise from a traveler. 
Route 66 U.S.A. - General page which includes information on the Route 66 International Association. 
New Mexico Route 66 Association - Aims to interpret highway's history and promote tourism along former 66 route. 
Route 66 Roy's - Former eatery/fuel station/motel located in Amboy, California. Includes history. 
Tucumcari Historic Route 66 Motel - About the remodeled Palacio motel in Tucumcari, features pictures, brief history and more information of the motel. 
Roadside Icons of Route 66 - An overview of the Americana roadside attractions along Route 66. 
Main St. U.S.A. - 2002 article about Route 66, its history and some pictures. 
Save 66 - Site with pictures along Route 66. 
Springers Creek Winery - Find hours of operation, menu and how to get to the Springers Creek Winery on Historic Route 66 in Edwardsville, IL. 
Standin' on the Corner Park, Winslow, Arizona - Information about the corner made famous by the Eagles. Contains history, news and events. 
Route 66 Atlas - On scale maps of Route 66 showing the different alignments. Includes predecessors such as the National Old Trails. 
Route 66 Days Festival - Information about annual festival in Strafford, MO. 
Straight Dope Staff Report: Where is Route 66? - Article answering the question "Where is Route 66?". 
E-Journal - Route 66 - Pictures of Route 66. 
The grand motel - Willimas, AZ - Historic motel in Williams, Arizona on Route 66. 
The Ground Cafe - About the cafe on Route 66 in downtown Amarillo, TX. Includes a menu. 
J. M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum - About the Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma. 
The Mother Road - Supporting website for a TV travelogue about a mother-daughter pair traveling on Route 66. 
Route 66 the Great American Highway - Contains history, pictures and vintage postcards. 
Untraveled Road: Historic Route 66 - Travel virtually on a desert stretch of the old road, by surfing through the many pictures. 
US66: In the beginning - Early maps of US highway 66. 
Wigwam Motel (Rialto, CA) - Boasts unique 'americana' architecture in the form of concrete teepees. Includes pictures, history, and typical motel information. Rialto, California. 
Wilmington IL - Route 66 - Site about Wilmington, IL and Route 66. It includes history and sights. 
Windy City Road Warrior - Photographs, stories focused on Chicago, IL. 
Route 66: The Main Stream of America - Essay about the history of the old road.  
[Atom] Route 66 spots - Photo weblog with Route 66 landmarks. 
[Atom] Historic Roads in Los Angeles County - Weblog focussed on historic roads in L.A. County. 
[PDF] Historic Auto Tours in Missouri's Pulaski County: Route 66 - Description of an auto tour and history of Route 66 in Pulaski County, MO. 
[RSS] Route 66 news - Blog focusing on Route 66 news. 
[RSS] Historic Route 66 News - Learn what's happening in relation to Route 66. 
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