1.  Promote Route 66 Visitors Welcome Centers along the Route to attract and encourage travelers, tourists and other visitors to stop-in for information about the Communities they will be passing through on Route 66, and provide them with route directions, county maps plainly showing the path of Route 66 and individual county and city brochures that indicate restaurants, lodging, shopping, events and entertainment locations that will be convenient to their travel plans, thereby providing an economic boost to our local business communities.  Encourage local Chambers of Commerce and State Route 66 Associations to participate in this effort.

2. Promote RV-Friendly parking locations in Route 66 communities. This will encourage additional local economic benefits by allowing RV owners to park and shop in downtown business locations, and perhaps stay overnight. The Chamber strongly encourages RV Travel on Route 66.

3. Encourage a program with local Route 66 communities to insure that Historic Route 66 signage (with turn arrows) is placed along the original Route where needed.  This will greatly assist Route 66 travelers, especially when and where state signs have been stolen or damaged.  This will also enhance the safety of travelers and others as the flow of traffic will become smoother with fewer "turn-arounds" and "go-backs", and will also remind local residents of their Route 66 heritage.
Also, promote the use on new GPS software programs to assist travelers.

4. Promote Route 66 by designing and printing local Route 66 Tour Guides that could be distributed at area Visitor Welcome Centers, State Interstate Welcome Centers, local Chambers of Commerce, local CVB's and area businesses that support Route 66 tourism.  This should be done at minimal expense to the local governments, as costs would be shared by local businesses, Chambers, etc.

5. Encourage local businesses to display the Route 66 logo on signs, banners, etc., and local communities should make similar efforts that would include small "Welcome to (city name) Route 66 Main Street America" banners  (with the Route 66 symbol) on street light poles, and on large banners during community events,...perhaps even outdoor Murals!  Communities that do this will attract many more visitors to their downtowns and local events because of their visible support of Route 66, and also by making them feel welcome.

6.  This Chamber has completed the first-ever national Public Service Announcement (PSA) TV commercial that will be sent to television, satellite and cable television networks to promote vacationing on Route 66 in 2016.  Additional YouTube videos are also being produced, and will be posted on the Chamber's website for viewing by anyone in the world at any time.  Links to these promotional videos will soon be posted on many other Route 66 websites, and on Chamber member's websites as well.  Click HERE to watch the PSA Commercial.

7. The Chamber is considering ways in which existing community events might benefit from the additional publicity that such events can receive nationally in the Route 66 Chamber website.  Also, we encourage the staging of Route 66 Heritage Festivals in Route 66 communities, and are promoting the Mother Road around the world!

8. Because the Route is over 2000 miles long, our goal is to bring the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce to the business's front doors.  We travel the Route year-round...making presentations to folks to help spread the word as Chamber Ambassadors, and by giving talks to local media outlets, schools and civic groups, etc.  And while we are on the road, we will be posting details updates on our Facebook page every few days.
As you can see, running the "longest" Chamber of Commerce in the world will take 
all the help we can get this coming year...both in time and in contributions from our 
members, sponsors and benefactors.  If you have an interest in helping to sponsor 
any of our projects (or listed needs), please contact me at 417-385-6966 or via 
email for additional information.  
Thanks.  Rod Harsh-Director Route 66 Chamber of Commerce.
Where do your contributions go? 

9. Professional quality printed materials will include Membership Certificates, business cards, vinyl door labels, business cards for hand-outs, event banners and displays, name badges and logo shirts for staff and ambassadors, vehicle graphics, letterhead stationery, cell phone, website hosting and more will be needed for Chamber operations.

10. Aquire multiple Trade Show displays that can be utilized for presentations about Route 66.

Route 66 101
Exhibition Displays can be used for live presentations, as a backdrop or a stand-alone display at Events, Malls, Festivals, Conventions, Car Shows, etc. (Note: The first display has been acquired.)
Booth Backdrop shown: 7' High X 8' Wide.  All panels backlit. Route 66 sign to be L.E.D. Provide for illuminated opening for large L.E.D. TV Monitor for DVD & Power-Point presentations.
Ongoing Chamber Projects Designed to Encourage Route 66 Awareness & Travel 
Please feel free to "adopt" and sponsor one (or more) of our projects listed below.
66 PSA's