Route 66 Chamber of Commerce, PSA Overview:   Status:  ACTIVE

Project:  Three,  30 second Promotional Public Service Announcements for Route 66 Tourism.

Definition of PSA:  A public service announcement (PSA) or public service ad is a type of advertisement featured on television, radio, print or other media. Whereas the objective of a standard advertisement is to market a product, a PSA is intended to benefit the public interest, by raising awareness of an issue, affecting public attitudes, and potentially stimulating action. (Wikipedia)

PSA Overview: Three PSA’s (and a video short) are planned for production, and each is intended to reach (and appeal to ) a particular demographic.

PSA #1: Will target those who  will enjoy seeing historical archival footage, colorful panoramas, and old structures and automobiles that have been restored and represent the Real America of days-gone by. They will learn that Route 66 is still alive and is still a place where memories exist, and new memories are being made. The music will tug at the heartstrings, and viewers will be invited to  see for themselves how the Mother Road is coming back.

PSA #2:  Will appeal to those with a sense of adventure…those who love driving their cars and cycles on the Road-less-traveled.  Folks who are independent and perhaps never considered a trip on Route 66.  They will be reminded that it’s the journey, not the destination that is important. It’s the people they meet, the sights they will see, that will make the adventure genuine, not fabricated.  Music will be upbeat, exciting, adventurous.

PSA #3:  Is intended for  families and kids. It will stress that Route 66 is America’s Longest Attraction, where travelers will be entertained and immersed in the  Nations past, present and future.  Take photos and make memories. Become part of America’s history. Marvel at restored  theaters and Filling stations, attend festivals and car shows. Spend a day, or spend a lifetime enjoying a Route 66 vacation.  Visit a part of America’s Real Main Street near you. This is an experience you will always treasure. 

All PSA’s conclude with  “Go to Visit to learn more about Route 66”. Title shows:                       
                                        Route 66 Chamber of Commerce

Promo video: 5 minutes:  (For presentation and online posting)
Perhaps something like this at the beginning….It’s Jason’s turn to tell his class where he went on his summer vacation. He doesn’t need notes, he “hit’s the ground running”, describing the most awesome trip he ever took.  The class is captured by his enthusiasm.  As he speaks, B-roll video is dispayed showing the people and places he saw.  He concludes by saying that  when he graduates, he is going to make a Route 66 Roadtrip, and asks “Who wants to go with me?”  The whole class raises their hands and yells, “Take me, take me!” Jason jus smiles and give a 2-thumbs-up gesture.

General requirements for PSA’s by the Ad Council:

The issue should be of sufficient seriousness and public importance to warrant donations of space and time by the media; 
Route 66 restoration and preservation is of critical importance as this famous highway represents the age of the automobile, the great western migration, and is recognized worldwide as the best way to see “the Real America”.

The issue should be national in scope and focus on Health & Safety, Education, or Community.
As a former U.S. Federal Highway, Route 66 was commissioned in 1926 to allow for paved travel across America. It also served the military and encouraged tourism. Individual communities flourished when Route 66 was constructed, and suffered when it was replaced by the Interstate Highway System.  A visitor today will learn about geography, history, economics, psychology and more by taking a trip on this famous highway.

The issue should be such that advertising can make a difference and offer a solution through individual action(s);
Without public awareness of the importance of preserving  Route 66, travelers and commerce will further decline, restoration efforts will be affected and the historic nature of the highway and it’s communities will be threatened.  By encouraging tourism on Route 66, more restoration and preservation will follow.

The issue must be non-commercial, non-denominational, non-partisan, and not be designed to influence legislation; 
Route 66 itself is a former  U.S. Federal Highway. As mentioned above, it’s preservation depends on growing commerce, which encourages restorations of famous landmarks.

The sponsoring organization must be widely regarded as an expert on the particular issue; 
Considering the two-thousand-plus miles of Route 66, there are many Groups and Associations dedicated to protecting and preserving Route 66, yet no single organization can claim to be an “expert”.  The Route 66 Chamber of Commerce is building an organization that through it’s membership of most of these individual Associations, Chambers, and Alliance(s), reliable information may be available regarding any such situation.

 In some cases, the sponsoring organization should have a formal or informal network of local chapters, affiliates or other ties throughout the country whereby information can readily be disseminated to the media and/or public; 
As described above, the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce, a not-for-profit organization, is working to unite all community Chambers, Visitor Centers, State 66 Associations and the Alliance to provide factual information to the media and to the public..