Family time spent at the drive-In is no longer a memory , but a reality, and young couples  are making memories that the retired couple in the car next door are re-living.

There are few places where you can go back, and the Route 66 Drive-In is one of them. 
"Summertime Nights on 66"
Carthage, MO. has one of the finest Drive-In Movie Theaters on Route 66. 
The 66 Drive-In opened in 1948 and when interest faded after the Route
was de-commissioned,  it became an auto salvage yard......
.....but thankfully, all the signs and the ticket booth were saved, and the theater was restored in the late '90's.  The neon sign above appeared in the Pixar movie "CARS", which was also seen at this theater.
The Drive-in is open weekends during the warmer months, and shows double features that are suitable for families.
A few wired speakers remain, but most posts remain as parking guides.  Audio is broadcast to vehicle FM radios in stereo.
The playground is a popular spot for the kids to burn-off energy until the movie begins, and again during intermission.