Part of the attraction of Route 66 is our facination for going back in time and seeing the way America was in the fortys, the fiftys and sixties.  If you are a Baby Boomer or a member of the "Greatest Generation',  you will enjoy these images.  There is a surprise at the end so let's get started on our "sentimental journey".
Did you enjoy the show?

Would you believe the images were all made with scale model cars and structures?
Meet the photographer.... Mr. Paul Michael Smith
Using scale-model cars mostly from the 1950s and ’60s, a few handmade miniature sets and his camera skills, Michael Paul Smith has created a town, Elgin Park, that exists only in photographs.
"Our past is a powerful draw and in so many ways we try to capture it in order to explain it to ourselves.

What started out as an exercise in model building and photography, ended up as a dream-like reconstruction of the town I grew up in. It's not an exact recreation, but it does capture the mood of my memories.

And like a dream, many of the buildings show up in different configurations throughout the photos. Or sometimes, the buildings stay put and the backgrounds change.

Visually, this is heading towards the realm of ART.

It's the oldest trick in the special effects book:  line up a model with an appropriate background and shoot.

The buildings are 1/24th scale [ or 1/2 inch equals a foot ]. They are constructed of Gator board, styrene plastic, Sintra [ a light flexible plastic that can be carved, and painted ] plus numerous found objects; such as jewelery pieces, finishing washers and printed material."

"Elgin Park" has a new website:

You can also see Michael's FLICKR  photo page: Click here

This work was recently featured in The New York Times: ollectibles/14SCA...

Note: Michael's images are copyrighted, and the Chamber has his permission to reproduce them on this site. Contact Michael and he will be happy to sell you any prints in his collection, or authorize their use.

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