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80th. Anniv.
This video is a compilation of two local tv news station reports on the Route 66 80th. Anniversary Party and Open House held at the "4 Women-on-the-Route" in Galena, Kansas on November 11th., 2006.  The old truck that inspired the "Mater" character in Pixar's Movie "CARS" was on display and several presonalities attended, including Dean Walker who inspired "Mater's  backwards driving".  This video runs about three minutes in length.
George Maharis sings "Route 66"
Reimagining Route 66,   Runs 5 min.
     We'll take you to the 66 Drive-in movie...once a drive-in, then a salvage yard, the 66 drive-in has been fully restored complete with the original ticket booth and neon lighting. We'll tour the headquarters of the "Precious Moments Chapel" near Carthage, and in Joplin we'll visit "Tri-State Trucking", one of the first to utilize Route 66. We also report on the "Solar Car Challange" that followed the mother road in ultra hi-tech solar powered cars. We'll visit the garage apartment that Bonnie and Clyde used as a hideout until their discovery resulted in a shoot-out with police. At the Joplin museum we'll show you what Bonnie left behind. Plus...2 RV Parks are featured. (Our video program). 
     In Galena, Ks. we'll show you one of the original stretches of Route 66 that remains unmodified to this day. In Riverton, Ks. we'll visit the Eisler Brothers general store that first opened it's doors before 66 was designated, and remains in operation today. (The manager will also sing "Get your kicks on Route 66" for our camera!) A few miles away, the last cement Marsh Arch Bridge has been preserved, and we'll interview the "caretaker". We also report on 2 more RV parks where you can stay while visiting the area. (Our video program).

Part 1
Part 2
Note:  Precious Moments has closed all of it's attractions except for the Chapel and giftshop.
Snapshots of Route 66,   Runs 3 min.& 30 sec.
Route 66...the way it was (by CARS)
Circa 1984: Last towns in Texas get bypassed by I-40
Bikers from the UK travel 66 in N.E. Oklahoma in '07
Circa 1950: A trip on Route 66 in the early 1950's !
Three minutes with a Biker on Route 66
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This Video is not just for RV'rs, but for anyone who wants to travel the Mother Road
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