From a Route 66 traveller Post to the Yahoo E-Group:

I learned that THE Route 66 existed in 1996, but didn't actually travel it for another 3 years; we crossed it twice when we had to go to Phoenix on that trip. It was after I bought the video "Route 66, An American Odyssey" that Tim and Glenn (aged 8 and 3) started asking to go there. It's about 500 miles just to touch Route 66 via the 3 best routes from Salt Lake City, but we figured if we could survive the annual 1600-or-more miles round-trip to Oregon each year, we should be able to handle at least the Arizona portion of 66. We ended up going from Flagstaff then to Winona before our final 66 destination of Needles because Tim insisted that we "don't forget Winona!" (He was quite obsessive about such things) I don't know if they learned anything they didn't learn in the video, but they loved visiting Angel's Barber Shop, although I was the only one who actually saw Angel. We left the camera on the bench outside, and when I went to get it I came face to face with Angel on a bicycle, probably headed home for lunch since it was about that time. He said "Hi, how are you doing?" just like he knew me, and I exchanged the greeting and then he was gone. We went to the Snow-Cap for lunch afterward, where Juan played a couple of pranks like offering a very old "Look!" candy bar, squirting a bottle of mustard which was really yellow string, and offering torn-up napkins with our food. 

We took another trip to Route 66 a couple of later, this time it was in reverse so we could see London Bridge first. Tim was very excited to see Angel giving someone a haircut and we could barely tear him away from that observation window long enough to choose a new t-shirt for himself. Strangely enough, when we visited the Snow-Cap this time they didn't play any tricks on us, although I did see Juan's grandson do the mustard trick to someone else. They probably remembered us because of Tim's wheelchair and figured we were onto them, LOL! Glenn made friends with some kittens on Angel's back porch, his wife didn't seem to mind when she came out and I explained that my son wanted to play with the kitties. Then when the food had arrived, Glenn noticed an orange cat watching us, he didn't allow any coddling but he loved the hot dog and chicken bits the boys insisted on sharing with him! 

Anna Vandenhazel

Some Letters and Posts regarding the experiences of those traveling Route 66.
--- In route66@yahoogroups .com, Tanya Morris wrote:

My kids were the ones who encouraged me to find out more about Route 66. And I admit I was skeptical about traveling such a long way with them in tow.
But it was Emily's website that made me realize that Route 66 is the PERFECT place to vacation with my kids. http://www.kidson66 .com/
So if you're trying to get families interested in traveling the Mother Road, I would direct them to the kids site first.
In route66@yahoogroups .com, Trevor Hilton wrote:
I encourage parents to take the extra time to travel with their children on Route 66, and make that trip their "vacation destination" .  I like to take my 5 year old son and 1 year old daughter to Route 66 sites. We often go to the Arcadia Round Barn. If my wife rides in a car too long she goes to sleep, but I hope my two kids will enjoy road tripping.

Trevor Hilton